Reaching Beyond Academia

Our goal is to advance academic scholarship and teaching by guiding it toward specific impact in the world. 

The Program in Public Scholarship will establish Arts & Sciences at WashU as a leader in translating our work and its importance to a broader audience. We aim to develop new platforms to share our scholarship and increase our impact in the public and private sectors. To this end, we will explore the translation and promotion of our scholarship in all forms and formats; partnerships with local institutions and organizations; and the development of innovative courses, internships, certificates, or degrees.  

Our Public Scholarship Accelerator will increase the circulation and adoption of Arts & Sciences methods, ideas, and practices among the general public and the private sector, while enhancing their reputation and academic distinction at the university.

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Alessandro Poletto in The Conversation: The tools in a medieval Japanese healer’s toolkit

Danielle Williams in The Conversation: AI promised humanlike machines – in 1958

A Signature Initiative

The Program in Public Scholarship is a signature initiative of the Arts & Sciences strategic plan.

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